For spring, we have created an Irodori Chirashi box for you to enjoy outdoors in the beautiful gardens. 'Irodori' means many colours in Japanese, and this jewel box of a chirashi features twelve different toppings and a special Wakayama sushi rice.


Irodori Chirashi Box    50
grilled eel, sansho | cured mackerel, ginger, sesame seed | akami (tuna) | bonito, iso-nori (seaweed) | calamari, mentaiko | ikura | simmered shiitake | scarlet prawn, finger lime | aburi scallop | tamago (omelette) | salmon, shisonomi (shiso seed) | simmered bamboo shoot, sumiso

Irodori Chirashi Box with miso soup & sakura purin (pudding)    65

Dassai Sparkling Sake 360ml    72
Dassai Junmai Daiginjo 39% 300ml    78
Kubota Ginjo 300ml    65
Kinshi Junmai Daiginjo Kiriko 180ml    45
Minamishima x Kinshi Junmai 720ml    115
Kimino Soda (Yuzu or Ume)    8


The Irodori Chirashi Box is available for lunch and as a pick-up from Minamishima only.

Pick-up: Tuesday to Thursday, 12pm to 2pm
Pre-orders essential with 24 hours notice

To order, please call 0466 333 915 or 9429 5180 from Monday to Saturday, 12pm to 6pm. Pre-payment is required for us to enable contactless pick-up. We accept pre-orders up to 7 days in advance.

Our dinner menu can be found at At Home Dining with Minamishima x chotto - Dinner