“When I make sushi I am looking for perfection. I must always improve. It is a never-ending journey. I want to make better and better sushi in the future.”

The shokunin philosophy - a constant pursuit of perfection - is the driving force behind Chef Koichi Minamishima, who started out as a young apprentice in a neighbourhood sushiya in Aichi, Nagoya, 30 years ago.

After working his way up the strict hierarchy of Japan’s restaurants, he moved to Australia, where he continued his craft as head sushi chef at one of Melbourne’s lauded Japanese establishments.

Minamishima – Chef Koichi
Minamishima – Ika Nigiri

A desire to showcase traditional sushi—with all its subtleties, seasonality, breadth and nuances—led him to open Minamishima in 2014.

A visit to Minamishima is a step into Chef Minamishima’s realm. A personal, unforgettable encounter. A tradition lost in time. A taste of the past flecked with innovation.

Minamishima – Diners

Each piece of nigiri he shapes and presents is an extension of his friendship. A gesture warmly welcoming guests. A fleeting journey to Japan without leaving Melbourne.