Our produce, like the menu, shifts with the days and the seasons.

Otoro, bafun uni, Hokkaido king crab and Japanese wagyu are flown from Toyosu and Japan, served alongside the most coveted of Australia’s oceanic treasures.

Minamishima – Chef Koichi

Each ingredient is treated meticulously. Depending on the season, the fish may be cured, aged or torched, the rice blends changed, the types and amount of vinegar adjusted.

It is a path of constant experimentation; a pursuit of perfection by Chefs Minamishima and Tano.

Minamishima – Itamae Landscape

The sake—sourced from centuries-old sake breweries, artisan brewers and emerging female toji—traverses Japan and its rice types; a marriage of tradition, modernity and rare styles.

The wine is an evolving flux of the most intriguing varietals, a collection spanning rare French Burgundies and emerging Japanese styles—chosen for their harmony with the cuisine and the purity and subtlety of its flavours.

Minamishima - Juyondai with Caviar Nigiri

Aged Japanese whiskies, seasonal cocktails and teas from renowned Kyoto teahouse, Ippodo, is also served.