Three private dining rooms, each seating eight, are hidden away behind sliding doors for complete seclusion. Reservation details can be found here.

Minamishima – Itamae

Private dining is a personal, exclusive experience. The menu, helmed by third-generation sushi chef Yoshiki Tano, is a reflection of his skills in both sushi and Japan's culinary arts - a chance to savour all that Minamishima has to offer.

“It is a great pleasure to make sushi in front of customers. It is only one single bite. But in that instant, it can change their emotions to happiness, deliciousness, astonishment and wonder.”

Minamishima – Chef Yoshiki

Hailing from a family of chefs, it was only natural that Tano would follow their path. Starting out in his grandfather’s sushiya in the coastal town of Shirahama, Tano spent long hours refining the craft—first in Osaka, then in Melbourne alongside Chef Minamishima.

For Tano, cooking is about balance. The degustation element is an expression of his creativity; a chance to engage with the flavours of the seasons. Sushi is an art and a performance, a study in showmanship and discipline. A brief glimpse of happiness, passed from chef to customer.